CSE290 - Topics in Robotics

w. Henrik I Christensen


Topics in Robotics

Fall 2024, Thursdays 11-11:50PM, @ FAH 3002
Professor: Henrik I Christensen, Office hours: by appointment


This is a seminar graduate class so a minimum of formal requirements are assumed beyond an ability to engage.

Emailing about the class:

If you email me, please be sure to use "CSE290" in the subject line, automatically done by clicking this link: hichristensen@ucsd.edu

Class Goals

The desired learning outcomes for the students are:


Students taking the class for credit a required to write up a summary of most (more than 70%) lectures and hand in the summaries through canvas. The summaries are due within a week of the seminar.

One credit requires a one page summary. Two credits requires a two page summary


Assignments: 100% - The class is S/U and each class summary will receive a graded classification, with feedback. If the final score is above 70 the class is a pass.