Household navigation and manipulation for everyday object rearrangement tasks


We consider the problem of building an assistive robotic system that can help humans in daily household cleanup tasks. Creating such an autonomous system in real-world environments is inherently quite challenging, as a general solution may not suit the preferences of a particular customer. Moreover, such a system consists of multi-objective tasks comprising – (i) Detection of misplaced objects and prediction of their potentially correct placements, (ii) Fine-grained manipulation for stable object grasping, and (iii) Room-to-room navigation for transferring objects in unseen environments. This work systematically tackles each component and integrates them into a complete object rearrangement pipeline. To validate our proposed system, we conduct multiple experiments on a real robotic platform involving multi-room object transfer, user preference-based placement, and complex pick-and-place tasks. Additional details including video demonstrations of our work are available at

IEEE International Conference on Robotic Computing (IRC)