US Robotics Roadmap 2024

A revision of the national strategy

frontpage of roadmap

It has been a year in the making, but finally the 2024 version of the ``US National Robotics Roadmap’’ is ready for public consumption. With an amazing team of collaborators from across the nation we have generated an update to the document. It takes a village to do the update. We had 100+ white papers submitted with input about research, business cases and opportunities. The roadmap is based on three workshops in Philadelphia, Austin and Phoenix. The world is rapidly changing. Artificial Intelligence is gaining traction and robotics is the embodiment of these systems. Progress in natural language system and computer vision allows design of easier to use systems and machine learning add a new dimension to learning by demonstration and robust autonomy over time.

The roadmap outlines - mega-trends (how the world is changing), major business opportunities, obstacles to progress, and issues to be addressed in terms of research, training, and translation.

We gratefully acknowledge the support by host universities, the Computing Community Consortium (CCC) and the Engineering Visioning Research Alliance (ERVA). Obviously, this work would not have been possible without the broad participation from the community.

The 2024 roadmap is available from our web site and shortly also from the CCC and ERVA websites.