Thursday 11:00-12:10 PM - by Zoom

Henrik I Christensen
Office: CSE 2114

Who is this for?

The goal of the course is to help you accomplish the following:

  • To get in-depth knowledge of current research and technology applied in robotics across a variety of use-cases
  • The seminars / lectures will be provided both by local and national experts to provide a broad coverage of current topics in robotics.


Since this is a graduate course we are typically quite loose with prerequisites.
A general knowledge about robotics from courses such as CSE-276A or ECE-276A will be helpful, but are not strictly required.


  • Web site: This site. Will have posted calendar/syllabus with posted lecture notes, other administrative stuff. The CANVAS site will have all the official information about the course, as required by UCSD.
  • Grading

    • Students will be required to hand in a brief summary of each lecture. The summary is expected to be about 1/2 page of text in ascii or pdf. You will be grades on the summary descriptions. You need to attend / summarize at least 7 of the 10 lecutres to pass. Each summary has to be submitted before the next seminar takes place.

    Late Policy

    • Each summary has to be handed in within one week of the seminar. I.e., before the next seminar. Late submissions will not be graded

    Honesty and Integrity Policy

    Please do not cope from others. Also note as this is an online class lectures and course materials, including PowerPoint presentations, tests, outlines, and similar materials, are protected by U.S. copyright law and by University policy. The lecturer is the exclusive owner of the copyright in those materials. You may take notes and make copies of course materials for your own use. You may also share those materials with another student who is enrolled in or auditing this course.
    You may not reproduce, distribute or display (post/upload) lecture notes or recordings or course materials in any other way — whether or not a fee is charged — without prior written consent. You also may not allow others to do so.
    If you do so, you may be subject to student conduct proceedings under the UC San Diego Student Code of Conduct.
    Last modified: 03/31/2020

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